Why Is My House Not Selling? 10 Common Reasons You Home Isn’t Selling & What to Do About It

Published: 04/25/2024

Selling a house can be a daunting task, especially when it seems like no matter what you do, your home just won't attract buyers. If you find yourself in this situation, you're not alone. In this comprehensive roundup blog, we'll explore ten common reasons why your house might not be sellin... (Read More)

Cash Home Buyer Checklist: What Do Cash Home Buyers Look for in a Home or Property? 

Published: 11/14/2023

Selling a home quickly is a priority for many homeowners, and the option of cash home buyers has emerged as a popular solution in the real estate market. Understanding what these buyers look for in a property is crucial for a smooth and efficient selling process. In this roundup blog, we've com... (Read More)

What You Need to Know About Buying & Selling Homes in Chattanooga, TN

Published: 05/10/2023

Looking for some insight on what it’s like to buy or sell homes in Chattanooga, TN? We sat down with Ken and Tara Tolbert, Chattanooga New Again Houses® franchise owners, to get their unique perspective on buying and selling homes in Chattanooga and surrounding areas. Meet our Chattanoo... (Read More)

What You Need to Know About Buying & Selling Homes in Lexington, KY

Published: 05/08/2023

To provide you with some insight into buying and selling homes in Lexington, KY, and surrounding areas, we sat down with Jason Hoskins, the Lexington New Again Houses® franchise owner, to get his unique take. Meet our Lexington, Kentucky expert: Jason’s passion for building ... (Read More)

Buying & Selling Homes in Knoxville, TN

Published: 12/20/2022

At New Again Houses®, we transform old houses into beautiful modern homes that families can enjoy for years to come. In order to provide you with some insight into buying and selling homes in Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas, we sat down with Tom Winspear, the Owner of New Again Houses® Knoxv... (Read More)

Buying & Selling Homes in Charlottesville, VA

Published: 11/21/2022

New Again Houses® transforms houses into fantastic modern homes that families can enjoy for years to come. To give you some insight on buying and selling homes in Charlottesville, Virginia and surrounding areas, we sat down with the very first New Again Houses® Franchise Owner, Eric Wi... (Read More)

How Can You Add Value In A Changing Market?

Published: 07/28/2022

To be successful in real estate through all the market cycles, you need to be able to add real value to real estate deals. The more ways you can add value, the more you will succeed in differing cycles and markets. There are four major points in a remodel project where value can be added: ... (Read More)

The Top 5 Benefits of Cash Offers in 2021

Published: 06/10/2021

If you are getting ready to put your house on the market, you may be worried about the amount of time and money you are going to spend getting your house ready to sell. You may have to complete repairs, upgrade areas of your house, and stage it appropriately. You might also be worried about finding ... (Read More)

Mortgage Interest Rates: What to Expect in 2021

Published: 02/22/2021

Despite the economic hardships of 2020, the housing market boomed because of high demand, low supply, and low mortgage interest rates. If you’re looking to take out a mortgage this year, you need to know whether rates are expected to stay low or if there’s an increase on the horizon. Here’s what t... (Read More)

What’s the Housing Market Outlook for 2021?

Published: 02/18/2021

As the pandemic took shape in the spring of 2020, the housing market was disrupted. But low-interest rates, limited supply, and high demand resulted in a quick rebound and dramatic surge toward the end of the year. Should we expect something similar or different this year as vaccines roll out and w... (Read More)

What’s the Difference Between Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure?

Published: 01/26/2021

If you find yourself facing foreclosure, you may be confused by the term pre-foreclosure. What’s the difference? Here’s what you need to know. What Is Pre-Foreclosure? Your bank may begin the pre-foreclosure process when you are 90 days behind on your mortgage payments. You s... (Read More)

How Quickly Can a Cash Buyer Close?

Published: 11/19/2020

Selling your house to a cash buyer is about as close to instant gratification as you can get. You’ve probably heard the home-selling process is faster with a cash buyer. But why is it so much quicker? There are many reasons why a cash buyer can close the deal on your home faster than the tradition... (Read More)

Why You Should Seek an Alternative to Payday Loans When You Need Cash

Published: 11/04/2020

Payday loans are expensive! These short-term loans carry crazy high-interest rates and fees. Though they can help you out in an emergency, they can also start a cycle of debt that’s hard to break out of. Here are other options than a payday loan you should consider and how selling your home for ca... (Read More)

My House Failed Inspection. Can I Still Sell It?

Published: 11/03/2020

No house is perfect. There will be items that come up on an inspection report when you’re selling your home that will make you scratch your head. Yet, major issues will prevent your home from passing the test. It’s these kinds of repairs and how you decide to handle them that can make or brea... (Read More)

How Much Can Cash Buyers Offer for a Home?

Published: 10/21/2020

What is a cash buyer? You’ve probably heard the term on TV and seen it floating around on internet ads. But what exactly does a cash buyer have to offer that a realtor or wholesaler doesn’t when it comes to selling your home? A cash buyer gives you the chance to get rid of the headache that is th... (Read More)

What to Do When You’re Renting Inherited Property to Family

Published: 09/08/2020

You’ve likely heard renting to family is a bad idea. But it may be unavoidable in certain situations. For example, let’s say you inherit a home that was already being rented by your family to other relatives. Now you’re put in an awkward position of becoming a landlord to your family member or poss... (Read More)

10 Ways to Cope with an Underwater Mortgage and Get Some Relief

Published: 07/13/2020

An upside-down mortgage is a heavy burden to bear. You are probably behind on payments, don’t really care about the property, and feel like you’re drowning. Being underwater on your mortgage means you owe more than your house is worth. Though the situation may seem hopeless, you do have options. S... (Read More)

Should I Trust Zillow to Determine the Price of My Home?

Published: 01/16/2020

Buying and selling a home today is very much different compared to how things were done a decade ago. Today, there are several tools that the average person can use to search for homes and to sell a property. There are online resources for anything and everything related to real estate. From vi... (Read More)

Real Estate Definitions

Published: 10/10/2019

When involved in real estate transactions it can sometimes feel like people are speaking adifferent language. Here are some definitions of key terms to help you! PMI - Private mortgage insurance is what borrowers have to pay when they take out a mortgage from a commercial lender and pay a down payme... (Read More)

How to Find Your Home's Value

Published: 05/02/2019

One of the first steps a real estate agent takes when meeting with a potential seller is figuring out your home’s value. Luckily you don’t have to be licensed to know how to come up with a value. With a computer, a little research, and some mathematical ability (basic math with a calculator), you ca... (Read More)