At New Again Houses®, we transform old houses into beautiful modern homes that families can enjoy for years to come. 

In order to provide you with some insight into buying and selling homes in Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas, we sat down with Tom Winspear, the Owner of New Again Houses® Knoxville, to get his unique perspective.

New Again Houses® Knoxville 

New Again Houses® Knoxville services Knox County and Blount County in Tennessee. The cities within Knox County and Blount County include Knoxville, Maryville, Farragut, Louisville, and Rockford, Tennessee.

There are 67 neighborhoods that make up the city of Knoxville! Some of the best neighborhoods in or around Knoxville, Tennessee include Fountain City, Sequoya Hills, and South Haven. Sequoya is considered one of the most coveted and expensive neighborhoods while Burlington is known for its affordability.  

What makes the Knoxville area special and unique is that it is close to the Smoky Mountains and many tourist attractions. There are a lot of awesome outdoor activities to choose from, such as hiking, biking, camping, ziplining, rock climbing, lake sports, and so much more! 

Great Smoky Mountains

The University of Tennessee is also located in Knoxville. Founded in 1794, the public land-grant research university partners with the nation's most visited and bio-diverse national park, the Great Smoky Mountains, to provide essential research and service-learning opportunities.

With great outdoor adventures, new development, and a family friendly feel, Knoxville and the surrounding areas are extremely special and unique to both visitors and locals. It truly is an outdoor lover’s dream.

One local trend Tom is seeing in the Knoxville area is a lot of out-of-state buyers moving in. New employers—including Amazon, Top Golf, and Smith & Wesson—have created a lot of job opportunities, making the area very attractive to people living out of state. Additionally, the big companies that are already here—including Clayton Homes, Denso, UT Medical Center, UT University, and Pilot—are growing and are also creating new opportunities for out-of-state buyers.

Since early 2019, Tom has purchased and flipped 30+ houses.

Tom said, “The one thing I am the most proud of is building a business. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build a successful business!”

Soccer is one of the major ways Tom is able to find time to have fun and relax. He was even inducted into King University’s Hall of Fame for soccer in the fall of 2022! Additionally, family time is extremely important to him. “It helps me unwind and make lasting memories with the ones I love the most,” he added.

His favorite house he has flipped is a home on Valley View Dr in Knoxville. “That was such a big remodel!” he said. “When we first got the house it had no hallways, so you had to walk through the bedrooms to get anywhere. If you wanted to go to the kitchen, you had to go through a bedroom. So we had to knock down all the walls. It also had 9 ft ceilings, which made it really cool. There were some major structural issues, so a structural engineer had to come look at it and correct the problems. He was very impressed with the work that our contractor did on the home when it was completed!”

“The home had two large decks and a koi fish pond out back. It also had a 3 car garage with a big old wood stove burner, and the land the house was on was a very long lot with an orchard on it with lots of apple trees and bramble bushes. The next door neighbor knew we were fixing up the house, and decided to buy the lot with the orchard so she could have it for herself.”

My personal guarantee is that I will always be honest, and I will always do what is discussed. Additionally, I promise to always close on time!

Tom Winspear

“Once it was completed, we were able to sell the house to a local coffee shop owner,” Tom added. “Since it had a large garage in the back, it was perfect for him to keep his supplies in. At the end of the project, it was a huge win for everybody involved.”

We ended our interview with Tom by asking one more very important question - “What is your personal guarantee?” 

“My personal guarantee is that I will always be honest, and I will always do what is discussed,” Tom answered. “Additionally, I promise to always close on time!”

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