The Best Cash Home Buying Companies: What to Look for in a Reputable Company

Published: 04/04/2024

When it comes to selling your home quickly, cash home buying companies offer a convenient and efficient solution. However, not all cash buyers are created equal, and ensuring you're partnering with a reputable company is crucial. In this blog, we'll delve into the essential factors to consider ... (Read More)

Cash Home Buyers vs Traditional Real Estate Agents: A Comprehensive Comparison Guide

Published: 03/20/2024

When selling a home or property, you have two primary options: Sell it directly to a cash buyer, or list it with areal estate agent. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Selling your house to a cash buyer is easier, but you won’t be sure you are getting the highest amount. Listing... (Read More)

Everything You Need to Know About Buying & Selling Homes in Lowell, MA 

Published: 10/28/2023

In order to give you some insight into what it’s like to buy and sell homes in Lowell, MA and surrounding areas, we sat down with Devin Rogers, the Lowell New Again Houses® franchise owner. Here’s his unique perspective. Meet our Lowell, Massachusetts expert: Devin Rogers, a long-time residen... (Read More)

How to Find Cash Buyers for Your Home: 4 Easy Ways

Published: 04/20/2023

Your house is not in the best shape, and you’re not sure that listing it with a real estate agent is the best option. Or maybe you don’t have time to clean, repair, and stage your home for showings. You might have inherited the home after the death of a loved one, your lenders may have started the ... (Read More)

How Quickly Can a Cash Buyer Close?

Published: 11/19/2020

Selling your house to a cash buyer is about as close to instant gratification as you can get. You’ve probably heard the home-selling process is faster with a cash buyer. But why is it so much quicker? There are many reasons why a cash buyer can close the deal on your home faster than the tradition... (Read More)

Selling a House That Needs Repairs

Published: 11/10/2020

There’s no way around it; you’re stuck. Your home needs a lot of work, and you can’t afford to fix it up. You want to list it, but who’s going to buy a money pit? There are things you can do to make your home more attractive to potential buyers without spending your life savings. There are als... (Read More)

Selling During a Divorce: How to Part Ways and List Your Home

Published: 10/23/2020

First and foremost, we’re sorry you have to go through this. Divorce is one of the most stressful events of a person’s life. We know you didn’t make this decision lightly, but now you’re ready to handle the details of a permanent separation. Since you’re reading this blog, you’re probably leaning ... (Read More)

How to Deep Clean Before Listing Your Home (and Ways to Get Around It)

Published: 10/15/2020

It’s difficult to put your property on the market without lifting a finger. There are usually home repairs, house staging, and a number of other tasks that accumulate on your list. It seems the more you look around, the more work you find to do. For example, when’s the last time you cleaned? I mea... (Read More)

When to Tackle Repairs on Out-of-State Property Or Just Let Go

Published: 09/20/2020

It’s hard out here for a proprietor. You may find buying an out-of-state home beneficial if you live in an expensive area and can only afford to rent or want to diversify your investments. You may also find yourself suddenly bestowed with an inherited house in another state with no idea what to do ... (Read More)

How to Move Forward When You’re Behind on Property Taxes

Published: 09/12/2020

Property taxes serve a good purpose. These fees fund many areas of our communities, such as police and fire departments as well as parks and recreation. Without people paying property taxes, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the amenities offered by our cities, towns, and neighborhoods. If you have lat... (Read More)

Why You Shouldn’t List Your Property and What a Cash Buyer Can Do for You

Published: 08/07/2020

Love it or list it? You may have seen the reality show on HGTV where homeowners decide whether to love their renovations or list their home for sale. But staying put or selling on the market aren’t the only two choices if you’re unhappy with your home. For one, listing your property can be a lengt... (Read More)

Timeline for Selling a House with a Wholesaler, Real Estate Agent, or Cash Buyer

Published: 08/06/2020

Do you have the time? It’s a legitimate question to ask yourself once you decide to sell your home. There are several options to choose from, and the path you take can depend on how big of a hurry you’re in to seal the deal. This article examines the typical timelines for selling your home with a ... (Read More)

Your First Step after Inheriting a House and What Comes Next

Published: 07/27/2020

Inheriting a house can be overwhelming. Maybe you were expecting it. Perhaps it was out of the blue. It could be you just weren’t prepared to deal with the circumstances that led you to this point—let alone figure out what to do with a piece of property. When you’re dealing with an inheritance, th... (Read More)

5 Things to Consider Before Listing Your Home Plus the Fastest Way to Sell It

Published: 07/20/2020

Your mind is made up. You’re tired of worrying about repairs. You’re not interested in being a landlord. There’s only one thought that keeps popping up in your head. “I want to sell my house.” If you’re confident it’s time to move on, selling your home will lift a burden and give you peace of min... (Read More)

5 Tips for Selling a Run-Down Property

Published: 12/02/2019

Selling a run-down property can be a difficult task, especially when compared to the homes on HGTV. In reality TV, it insists to the public that an ideal home needs to be in a perfect location with upgraded interior designs, stainless steel appliances, and beautiful lawns. They do this to create a h... (Read More)