Your house is not in the best shape, and you’re not sure that listing it with a real estate agent is the best option. Or maybe you don’t have time to clean, repair, and stage your home for showings. You might have inherited the home after the death of a loved one, your lenders may have started the foreclosure process, or you may simply not have time to go through the traditional home selling process.

Whatever your situation is, if you’re looking for an easy and fast way to sell your house, you should consider finding a cash buyer.

The Benefits of All-Cash Offers: Are Cash Buyers Worth It?

A cash buyer is an individual or company that has the funds to make an all-cash bid on your home—without obtaining a mortgage or other financing from a lender. Since they don’t have to go through the financing process, they can streamline the buying process and quickly close the deal.

Cash buyers make the process of buying and selling real estate much simpler and more streamlined than financed buyers. There are several benefits to finding cash buyers:

  • A fast closing process
  • Guaranteed timing
  • No appraisals necessary
  • Less stress
  • Sell your house as-is—no matter the condition
  • No cleaning, staging, repairing, or upgrading required
  • Less risk of a deal falling through due to lack of funds
  • Save money on repairs
  • Fewer contingencies

Homeowners who need to sell their home for cash ASAP but don’t have an option to go through the traditional home selling process can especially benefit from cash buyers. When quickly and painlessly selling your home is the goal, a cash buyer may be the best solution.

Finding Cash Buyers for Your Home

If you want to hunt down buyers who can make an all-cash offer on your house, especially if it’s your first time searching for a cash buyer, where do you start? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult.

There are a few ways you can begin your search for a local cash buyer. Follow these tips to find a cash buyer in your area.

1. Search for Local Cash Buying Companies in Your Area

Cash buyers in your area—both local companies and individuals—are constantly on the lookout for houses to purchase. You can conduct an internet search to find legitimate cash buying companies in your town, city, or region. They may be interested in buying your home.

Local cash buyers will have a website showcasing their past projects, reviews, and partners in the area. Ask lots of questions, such as what they plan to do with your house as well as your contract. A reputable local company will not sell your contract, but rather focus on your home.

Look out for national cash buying companies, called wholesalers. These predatory businesses lock you into a contract and then sell that contract to actual cash buyers, taking an extra cut of the profits that could benefit you instead. If the cash buyer’s website doesn’t have information about current projects or isn’t established in your local area, take your business elsewhere.

2. Contact Your Lender to Discuss Your Options

For homeowners facing foreclosure, the first response is often denial. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t go away if you ignore it. Instead of hoping the situation will solve itself or resigning yourself to losing your house, contact your lender and discuss your options. In many cases, if you can’t work out other arrangements, you may be able to sell your house for cash.  

The key is to take action ASAP instead of waiting until the last minute. If you start falling behind on mortgage payments, you can sell your house to a cash buyer and get the best possible price.

3. Get Recommendations from a Trusted Real Estate Agent

If you have a good relationship with a trustworthy real estate agent in your area or know of a friend who recently sold their house to a cash buyer, ask them for recommendations. They may know individuals in your area who may be interested in buying your home for cash.

4. Partner with the Experienced Professionals at New Again Houses

The simplest and most efficient way to find a cash buyer for your home is to connect with a trusted local agency like New Again Houses. We are cash buyers who want to make old houses new again, and we are dedicated to transforming your house into a home that families can enjoy for years to come.

We buy houses in all shapes and forms. Whatever condition your home is in, we’re interested in it as-is.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. We have a phone consultation to discuss your needs.
  2. We meet you at your home to evaluate your property.
  3. We make a fair and fast cash offer for your house.
  4. We pay closing costs and close the deal—all in just a few days.

It really is that simple: No cleaning, repairing, staging, or waiting. No need to deal with banks, lenders, or mountains of paperwork. Instead, work with us to get a cash offer and let your home start its transformation.

How to Tell Which Cash Buyer Is Right for You

It’s easy to find a cash buyer, but it’s not so easy to find the right cash buyer for your home.

Many cash buyers are investors of some kind—or, in the case of an entity, a group of investors. While some of those investors will care about turning your house into a home for a new family, others will only care about the contract, like wholesalers who will turn around and sell your contract to someone else before the sale goes through.

Our suggestion? To avoid dealing with careless groups or individuals, find a cash buyer who is willing to put in the work to make your home new again.

Sell Your Home to the Cash Buyers at New Again Houses

At New Again Houses, we buy, fully remodel, and sell homes to new families to enjoy for years to come. Unlike other cash buyers, we will never sell your contract or your information—so you can trust us to restore your old home and give it the love it needs.

We’ve been in the business of helping local homeowners sell their homes since 2008. Based in Bristol, TN, and serving homeowners nationwide, the New Again Houses team would love the opportunity to invest in the community by making your older home new again.

Together, we transform not only houses but also the lives of our clients.

Are you ready to sell your house, get a cash offer, and close in a matter of days? Contact us today to get started.

We buy houses and transform them into fully remodeled homes.

Get a fast & fair offer for your home and close at your convenience.