Selling a run-down property can be a difficult task, especially when compared to the homes on HGTV. In reality TV, it insists to the public that an ideal home needs to be in a perfect location with upgraded interior designs, stainless steel appliances, and beautiful lawns. They do this to create a hype, all for the show. Although we can't deny that these houses are very attractive, many homes that appear on TV have been meticulously arranged to make it look immaculate.  The truth is, there are a lot of houses that are in bad shape. These houses are more challenging to market than "normal houses," but with the right strategy, you may not only gain profit, but you will also be up for a surprise! To help you out, here are our 5 tips in selling a run-down property.

Improve the curb appeal 

Your house's curb appeal is worth a thousand words when it comes to getting a sale. Although location matters, that's another thing. One rule about selling any property is you need to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. How is the property compared to other properties in the neighborhood? What makes it different? Walk around your house and evaluate its condition. How would you rate the design? The ambiance? If it looks neglected but still repairable, you might need to improve the overall appearance of the house. Here are some ways to do this:
  •       Grab a broom and start cleaning.
  •       Fix your fences and mow the lawn. 
  •       Clean your driveway. Take out fallen dry leaves. 
  •       Clean your walls too.
  •       Paint your walls and ceiling.
  •       Take away all spider webs or any sign of decay.
  •       Plant flowers and plants to create an outdoor ambiance. 


Remodeling a house and buying expensive appliances could sell the house. When you are selling a run down property, a good house makeover is the best thing to do, especially when you want to gain a bigger profit. When doing makeovers, do not go overboard by spending too much on everything. If you do so, you might lose profit because of your expenses. When planning a total house makeover, make sure you have talked to your realtor about it and get advice about upgrades that you need to do for you to get a good sale. 


From a buyer's perspective, the property's location is critical. Dealing with a run-down house may get complicated. If you're at a wrong spot, you need to do a lot of compromising. But, before you feel hopeless about selling your house, always keep in mind that the location is subjective. To some buyers, it might be a deal-breaker, but to others, it may be exciting and challenging. 

Perfect timing

Always wait for the right time. In real estate, winter is not good news, especially when you have a shabby house. If you have already decided to sell your home, wait until spring or summer. In summer, days will be longer and sunnier, and this could add up to the ambiance with the lush green trees and flowers blooming around. Buyers also mostly look into houses in the summer or spring. 

Good listing price

When deciding for a sale price, seek help and advice from your real estate agent. Also, letting a listing sit in a market is not a good sign. Don't start at a very high price, but don't go too low as well. Review all houses within your neighborhood, and you can use their market value as a basis for your listing price.

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