Yes, it’s true.

If you think your home is in too bad of shape to sell, think again.

Cash buyers purchase homes in all conditions, sizes, and locations. They can save you the time, effort, and money it would take to get your house ready for the real estate market.

Find that hard to believe? 

Here are some examples of what kind of houses cash buyers purchase and how they might be able to help you out of an unpleasant situation.

What Types of Homes Do Cash Buyers Purchase? 

As-is means as-is

Whether the housing issue is repairs, touch-ups, neighborhood, or sale speed, there’s probably a cash buyer willing to take the home off your hands.

Houses That Need Major Repairs

You make think your home is beyond saving, but the truth is that cash buyers are attracted to houses that are in bad shape. Damage from water, cigarette smoke, and pets are issues most investors are willing to tackle to make the home move-in ready for the real estate market.

Houses with structural issues might be appealing for cash buyers who have resources to spend on one project vs. several at a time. Foundational cracks, crumbling bricks, uneven floors, and bowed walls are problems that need extra attention compared to simpler tasks like ripping out carpet and repairing holes in a floor.

Even if your home has suffered a fire, been chewed by termites, or needs a new roof, chances are there is a cash buyer out there who will take on those repairs if there’s a reasonable profit to be made.

Houses That Need Cosmetic Work

If a home has sat empty for several years and has good bones, it may just take some updating to make it come to life again.

Eyesores such as peeling paint, damaged tiles, worn-out carpeting, and cracked pavement may seem like overwhelming repairs for one person. But a cash buyer usually has a team of experts that come in with a plan to revive a home that’s been neglected. What would have taken months for one person to accomplish can be done in just a few weeks by a crew.

A good, old-fashioned deep cleaning can do wonders, and cash buyers are not afraid to get their hands dirty if a house has the potential to be flipped. Even if items are left in the house, say from an inherited property, an investor is more than happy to deal with the contents to move forward with the renovation.

Houses That Are in Undesirable Neighborhoods

If the location of your home is not appealing to typical buyers, there’s a good chance it will be attractive to a cash buyer. 

It’s often hard to sell houses in the real estate market that are near the following entities: 

  • Airports 
  • Factories
  • Train tracks
  • Apartments
  • Industrial parks
  • Waste disposal areas
  • Government housing
  • Low-performing school districts

However, cash buyers understand that neighborhoods change. What was once considered a desirable area may now be in decline. Or a neighborhood that used to be crime-ridden may be in transition.

The bottom line? Cash buyers tend to see diamonds in the rough and seize opportunities for potential growth. Families looking for starter homes will appreciate an affordable price even if the location isn’t perfect.

Houses That Need to Be Sold Fast

There are many situations in which people turn to cash buyers that don’t involve their house being in shambles. Sometimes, they just need to leave a situation behind. 

Homeowners who are landlords may be looking for a way out of dealing with constant trouble from tenants. Folks who are behind on their property taxes may have realized they’re in over their heads. People who have lost a job and need to relocate may be facing foreclosure. Relatives who have inherited a house they want nothing to do with may want to move on quickly.

Do Home Buyers Buy Homes As They Are? 

Now you know the answer.

Do home buyers purchase homes in any condition?


A cash buyer will take on major repairs or light cosmetic work. A cash buyer can work with a house in an undesirable location. And a cash buyer will speed up the process of selling a home.

A cash buyer can offer relief in these situations by cutting out the middle steps of finding a buyer and securing financing. They get straight to making a cash offer for the home and can close the deal quickly.

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