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Sell Your House Fast in Tennessee Valley, TN

We buy houses in Tennessee Valley, TN, and transform them into fully remodeled homes that families can enjoy for years to come. We buy houses with cash and can close quickly in as little as 7 days. We buy houses as-is, so there is no need to worry about cleaning out your home, agent fees, or multiple showings. We pay all closing costs and can also help with the probate process and solve all the problems that come with selling an inherited property so you can sell your house fast.

How Does It Work?

Get in Touch

Give us a call or fill out the form above and tell us more about your home.

Set Up a Walkthrough

We'll meet up with you to visit your home in person. Don't worry about cleaning up beforehand!

We'll Make You an Offer

We'll make you a fast and fair offer for your home. We'll close on your schedule and pay all closing costs.

We Buy Houses in Any Condition

We have been in business since 2008 helping local homeowners sell their homes. We are not wholesalesers who sell your contract. Instead we transform old houses into fantastic homes. We buy houses in any condition - No need to worry about cleaning out your home beforehand. We'll do the heavy lifting for you.

Close on Your Schedule!

We can close at your convenience or work with you to find the best solution, and we'll pay all closing costs.

Sell Your House Fast in Tennessee Valley, TN

Get a fast & fair offer for your home and close at your convenience.

Selling Your Home to New Again Houses®
Working With a Real Estate Agent

New Again Houses® Traditional Real Estate Agent
Commission Fees NONE 6% on average, paid by you.
Closing Costs NONE 2% on average, paid by you.
Staging & Marketing NONE Yes, your real estate agent may require this to sell your home.
Number of Open Houses & Showings NONE, just us! Yes, many depending on your neighborhood or market.
Inspections NONE, we do our own! Yes, can yield additional costs associated with repairs.
Repairs & Cleanup NONE, we buy as is! Yes, can be substantial depending on the state of your home. Paid by you.
Appraisal Needed NONE, we make you a cash offer! Yes, required for the sale of your home.
Average Days on Market NONE Average 6 - 12 months.
Average Days to Close Your choice! Get cash in as little as 7 days after accepting our offer! 30-60+ days after accepting buyer's offer.

Why Sell Your Home for Cash?

When you say, "I need to sell my house fast," you mean fast! At New Again Houses®, we understand that the typical real estate process may not be ideal for everyone.

Financial Reasons
Substantial Repairs Needed
Tired of Being a Landlord
Inherited Property

We Buy Homes in Anderson, Bledsoe, Campbell, Cumberland, Fentress, Loudon, McMinn, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Overton, Pickett, Polk, Rhea, Roane, Scott, & Van Buren Counties

Algood [38501]
Allardt [38504]
Allons [38541]
Allred [38542]
Alpine [38543]
Andersonville [37705]
Athens [37303]
Benton [37307]
Birchwood [37308]
Bone Cave [38581]
Briceville [37710],
Byrdstown [38549]
Calhoun [37309]
Caryville [37714]
Charleston [37310]
Clairfield [37715]
Clarkrange [38553]
Cleveland [37323]
Clinton [37716]
Coalfield [37719]
Cookeville [38501, 38506]
Copperhill [37317]
Crab Orchard [37723]
Crawford [38554]
Crossville [38555, 38558, 38571, 38572]
Dayton [37321]
Decatur [37322]
Deer Lodge [37726]
Delano [37325]
Devonia [37710]
Doyle [38559]
Ducktown [37326]
Duff [37729
Dunlap [37327]
Elgin [37733]
Englewood [37329]
Etowah [37331]
Evensville [37332]
Fairfield Glade [38555]
Farner [37333]
Georgetown [37336]
Grandview [37337]
Greenback [37742]
Grimsley [38565]
Harriman [37748]
Heiskell [37754]
Helenwood [37755]
Hilham [38568]
Huntsville [37756]
Jacksboro [37757]
Jamestown [38556]
Jellico [37762]
Kingston [37763]
La Follette [37729, 37766]
Lake City [37769]
Lakesite [37379]
Lancing [37770]
Lenoir City [37771, 37772]
Loudon [37774]
Madisonville [37354]
Maryville [37801]
Monroe [38573]
Monterey [38574]
Morley [37766]
Newcomb [37819]
Niota [37826]
Norris [37828]
Oak Ridge [37830]
Ocoee [37361]
Old Fort [37362]
Oliver Springs [37840]
Oneida [37841]
Ozone [37854]
Pall Mall [38577]
Petros [37845]
Philadelphia [37846]
Pikeville [37367]
Pioneer [37847]
Pleasant Hill [38578]
Postelle [37317]
Powell [37849]
Ravenscroft [38583]
Reliance [37369]
Riceville [37370]
Rickman [38580]
Robbins [37852]
Rock Island [38581]
Rockwood [37854]
Rocky Top [37769]
Rugby [37733]
Soddy Daisy [37379]
Sparta [38583]
Speedwell [37870]
Spencer [38585]
Spring City [37381]
Sunbright [37872]
Sweetwater [37874]
Tellico Plains [37385]
Ten Mile [37880]
Turtletown [37391]
Vonore [37885]
Wartburg [37887]
Watts Bar Dam [37381]
Wilder [38589]
Winfield [37892]
Winona [37756]

Meet the Owner

Mark Pate is a former oil & gas executive and is currently the Dean of the School of Business and Professor at King University. Mark is the founder of Alta Capital Management™ which has worked with New Again Houses® since early 2013. Alta has loaned money to New Again Houses® to purchase and renovate over 450 houses. Austin Pate grew up in Kingsport, TN which is just down the road from Bristol. For his undergraduate studies he went to a small college in Pennsylvania. Before starting his postgraduate program, he spent the summer working for Ben Ferguson on New Again Houses® flipping houses in the Tri-Cities area. This granted him the opportunity to get significant exposure to New Again Houses® and their systems. It was a great experience, he says, but getting to meet the people that make New Again Houses® work was the real blessing. He then attended dental school in Memphis, TN. Since graduating, he now lives in Knoxville, TN and works in a private practice. He is excited about starting a New Again Houses® franchise and the collective potential of the NAH brand.

Tennessee Valley, TN

Why Choose New Again Houses® to Sell Your Home?

There is no waiting, no contingencies, no banks, and no cleaning up the house. We buy houses as-is without the hassle so you can sell your house fast.

We buy houses in all shapes and forms. If you need to sell your house or you have inherited unwanted property, give us a call. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to get more information about the home, and to set up a time to walk through it. Once we have evaluated the property in person, we can determine a fair offer and close quickly with cash.

We buy houses in Tennessee Valley and the surrounding areas and use talented local contractors to transform old houses into fantastic homes. Leave the question “How do I sell my house fast?” to us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Home for Cash in Tennessee Valley, TN

Yes! We are local to Tennessee Valley, TN and can make you a fair offer for your home based on the condition of the property and our knowledge of the local market.

We can quickly make an offer after viewing the home. We will buy your house with cash, so there is no need for an appraisal or lengthy loan process with a bank. After we have viewed your home we can make an offer within hours for a simple cash closing.

We can help with a wide variety of estate or inheritance situations by working closely with a Real Estate Attorney. We leverage this relationship to get quality professional help as quickly as possible.

Of course! We partner with a reputable Real Estate Attorney to solve all the problems that come with selling inherited property. We can help guide you through the process and are flexible with close dates in order to make the process as simple as possible.

Simply contact us by phone or web form to start the process of quickly and easily selling your home. We will set up a time to walk through the property. We know “life happens”, don’t worry about the condition of the house. We are strictly thinking about the possibility of restoring the property to its best condition for another family to love.

Cash buyers are regular buyers, just without the headache of loans, appraisals, inspections, and agent fees. We will provide you with a fair offer for your home in its “as is” condition and take on the challenge of improving the property for another family.

Yes. We specialize in purchasing houses that are in need of repair. After evaluating the property we will make a simple, no obligation, fair cash offer for the home as it is.

From the time we speak on the phone until closing, the whole process can take as little as 5 days. Whether you need to sell fast or want to take your time, we will work with you on your timeline.