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About Us

Our Story

New Again Houses® was born in Bristol TN in 2008 when Matt Lavinder began buying houses and systematizing the flipping process. A tiny converted roofing shop served as its first home in 2010. Sam Ferguson joined in 2011 to help build the company and it’s been growing ever since. Matt and Sam have flipped hundreds of houses together while remaining committed to quality rehabs. Annie Elliott left Bristol Motor Speedway to join the team in 2014, taking over design and accounting.


With three people and a very small office, the team began to seek out a new office with room to grow. In 2015, New Again Houses® purchased its current 6000 sq. ft. headquarters in downtown Bristol. Somehow, the three ended up sharing one room while the rest of the building filled up quickly. Kelly Moran joined the team in 2015 to lead the sales team and she was soon followed by Blaine Hutchinson, Katie Harlow, Jessany Bowman, and Gabrielle Day. They are supported by a team of highly skilled virtual assistants around the globe. To accommodate the continued growth, New Again Houses® began construction on a second office building across the street in 2019.


The team is committed to adding real value to houses by executing full remodel projects. New Again Houses® continues to grow its local operation in Bristol, producing annually well over $2,000,000 of construction work on its own flips. The Bristol operation typically manages 25 of its own flip projects at any given time and includes an entire network of contracting crews managed through the MasterSuite systems.


In 2015, New Again Houses® began building its own proprietary software and creating a national franchise model. In 2018, the federal Franchise Disclosure Document was completed and the first locations launched in 2019. The franchising model empowers individuals to replicate the success of New Again Houses® in locations around the country with minimal overhead costs. An innovative, fun culture has always been at the heart of New Again Houses®, and the team is excited about extending the vision nationally through a growing network of real estate entrepreneurs.

The New Again Houses® Franchise Support Team

Matt Lavinder


Matt Lavinder founded New Again Houses in 2018 after earning a Master’s Degree from Duke University and spending 12 years at his alma mater, King University, as an Assistant Professor of History, Men’s Soccer Coach, and Assistant Athletic Director. Matt’s real estate interests began when he and his wife, Hollie, flipped their first rental houses in 2000 and eventually grew into a full-time business in 2010.

In addition to numerous rental properties, New Again Houses® typically owns and manages 25 flip projects at any given time. Its construction company, New Again Construction Inc, executes well over $2,000,000 a year in the rehab of New Again owned properties. Matt has been instrumental in building the systems and teams that have allowed for this growth.

While Matt has no useful construction skills, he built the business by developing analytical systems, recruiting talented people, and staying out of their way. Matt has a keen interest in innovation, business strategy, branding, and developing business ecosystems that facilitate growth. With Sam Ferguson overseeing operations, Matt has focused on growing New Again Houses® into a national brand through a franchise model. Matt is now focused on identifying and developing entrepreneurs who have the ambition and character to grow New Again Houses® locations throughout the country.

Matt is married to Dr. Hollie Lavinder, who is a clinical pharmacy specialist. They reside in Bristol and have three children, Corey, Laura J, and Lana.

Sam Ferguson

Vice President

Sam Ferguson is originally from Knoxville and graduated from King University with a degree in Business Administration and as a member of the Snider Honor’s Center. He was also an Academic All-American soccer player at King. Before joining New Again Houses® in 2011, Sam spent time in Zimbabwe working with a non profit organization called Lasting Impressions. He returned from Africa to be an Assistant Construction Manager with Empire Construction in Ohio.

Sam has been a critical part of New Again’s success and strategy. Having purchased and executed hundreds of flip and rental projects, Sam has a wealth of knowledge in every area of operations. He is also well versed in literature and business strategy, in particular. As Vice President, he is involved in every area of operations and manages all acquisitions and construction in the local operation. He has been a key contributor to the evolution of the MasterSuite Technology™.

Sam is also highly involved in the development of the franchise. He supports franchisees in a variety of ways, including construction execution, analysis, negotiation, and business development. As the franchise network grows, Sam’s focus will shift from operations to franchise development and support.

Sam is married to Sarah Ann Ferguson and they have two sons, Cedar and Carson.

Annie Elliott

Project & Design Manager

Annie Elliott has an M.B.A. from King University, where she was an All-Conference soccer player. After graduating, Annie started her career at Bristol Motor Speedway where she became the Corporate Sales and Campground Manager. While at the Speedway, Annie had managerial and executive responsibilities ranging from management to contracts and corporate sales.

Joining New Again Houses® in 2014, Annie brought a unique skill set to the business. A talented writer, Annie grew the brand on social media and assumed responsibility for all design decisions. She also manages all the back office accounting. In 2018, Annie began taking responsibility for project management and executing projects on budget. Her valuable experience in project budgets along with her artistic eye for style have been invaluable to the rapid growth of New Again Houses®.

Annie will help support franchisees by continuing to develop accounting and project management systems through the Flip Simulator™. She is also a valuable resource for training franchisees in the art of design within a budget.

Annie is married to Brian Elliott, a Physicians Assistant with Appalachian Orthopedics. They live in Bristol and have two children, Finley and Bo.

Kelly Moran

Sales Team Leader

Kelly Drum Moran has a B.S. in Architecture from Georgia Tech and a Masters in Art History from ETSU. She started her career as the Assistant Director at the NC Museum of Art. She went on to be the Director of Art Galleries and an art dealer in Bozeman, MT and Telluride, CO before returning east to teach art history and digital media at King University and ETSU.

Kelly joined New Again Houses® in 2015 as the Sales Team Leader and has built a full in house sales team. In addition to working at New Again Houses®, Kelly is a licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams of Johnson City. In 2018, Kelly was honored as KW’s top producing agent in the Tri-Cities market. Her intelligence, tireless work ethic, and commitment to clients have been key ingredients to success in the industry.

Kelly is part of the New Again Houses® Franchise Support Team. She brings a wealth of real estate success and expertise to franchisees. She uses her credibility within the Keller Williams network to identify and recruit agent partners for franchisees. Her own success serves as a model for how a partnership with a New Again Houses® franchise can propel an individual agent’s career. She also serves as a valuable resource in reviewing franchisee and agent property valuations.

Kelly resides in Bristol and is married to Mark Moran.

Tracey Bryan

Business Manager

Jessany Willis

Brand Manager

Mark Pate

Alta Capital

Ben Harrison

MasterSuite™ Software Developer

Our Headquarters

501 Alabama St

Bristol, TN 37620