Making you a home owner is our goal!

You want to own your own home, but something is keeping you from being qualified for a mortgage… You’ve looked into traditional lease to own programs, but as we discuss in our blog post, rent to own is for furniture. In response, we created a solution to the problems keeping you from owning your own home: our Bridge to Own ® program.  Our quality homes are fully remodeled and this is how you can own one.


Our Process

We sit down with you for a free consult to determine what might be keeping you from getting approved for a mortgage with a licensed lender. We find solutions. Once we are confident in the strategy to get you approved, you put $2500 or higher toward one of our remodeled homes and lease it for up to 6 months (sometimes longer). While leasing, our credit analyst works on your score and we credit a portion of your rent toward the closing costs of the house.  We also work closely with grant sources and help many of our clients secure free grants. Our goal is to make you a homeowner of a beautiful, low maintenance home with a 30 year fixed rate mortgage.


Here’s how Bridge to Own works:

  1. Click on the “Take the Next Step” button and provide us with basic information or call 423-389-9110.
  2. Meet with us for a free consult so we can understand your unique situation.
  3. Our team, along with our network of licensed lending partners and credit specialists, develops a strategy for getting you approved.
  4. Make the initial lease option fee of $2500 or higher. The entire amount will be applied to the purchase price.
  5. Move in to your home and begin working with our team. Once you are approved with a licensed lender, we’ll help walk you through the mortgage process.
  6. Your licensed lender orders an independent appraisal to ensure the home is worth the sales price.
  7. Close the loan and own the home at anytime within the 6 months.