Love it or list it? You may have seen the reality show on HGTV where homeowners decide whether to love their renovations or list their home for sale. But staying put or selling on the market aren’t the only two choices if you’re unhappy with your home.  For one, listing your property can be a lengthy process full of twists and turns with no guarantee the home will sell in the end. Also, living in the home may not be feasible if it is in poor condition or it was part of an inheritance. There are other options. Here are three reasons you shouldn’t be listing with a real estate agent and how cash buyers can help you sell your home on your terms.

What If I Need to Sell My Home Fast?

Listing with a real estate agent takes time. You have to get the house ready to sell by staging the interior and enhancing curb appeal. There will be open houses and individual showings to deal with as you wait for an offer. Your house could be on the market for weeks, months, or even years. Once you find a potential buyer, you have to go through the inspection process to see if any repairs need to be made and comply with them. Even if you make it to closing day, the deal could still fall through, especially if the prospective buyer has financing issues. Then you’re back to square one and starting the whole process over again. Cash buyers can take the home off your hands and close in as little as seven days. There’s little chance of the deal not happening and having to repeat everything you went through before. You don’t have to spend any more time trying to make your home look attractive to strangers.

What If I Don’t Want to Do Repairs?

If you’re listing with a real estate agent, you’re inevitably going to come to the point in the process where an inspection is done and you’re expected to do repairs or the deal is off. These could be minor repairs, or they could be major repairs. How would you like to find out that the roof needs to be replaced or you need a brand-new heating and cooling system? Maybe you’re tired of putting equity into the home and just want to be able to sell it without having to do any more work. Ever heard of a money pit? Repairs don’t always go as planned. They can be delayed, expensive, and frustrating. Perhaps you don’t have the time, money, or patience to spare. Cash buyers will purchase your home as-is. There is no need for you to do any repairs. You won’t have to argue with the potential owner over which problems must be fixed by closing day. You get a clean break and the ability to move on without any extra work or stress. There’s no need to shell out any more cash.

What If I Have No Interest in the Home?

If it’s an inherited home, you may not even want it. Maybe it’s old. Maybe it’s not in good condition. Maybe it’s in another state. Maybe it’s not your style. Whatever the case may be, the house was not part of your life plan, and you don’t want to deal with it. You may not care about the contents either, and you definitely don’t want to go through them in order to get the house on the market. There’s no sentimental attachment or obligation to keep the home in the family. You just want to be done with it all.  Cash buyers can take the house, contents and all, and pay you cash for it. Your ties will be cut and you will be free. Whatever issues you had with the home, it is no longer your responsibility and burden; your life goes back to normal.

Why You Shouldn't List Your Property

Now you know why you shouldn’t be listing with a real estate agent and you should consider selling your home to a cash buyer instead. Cash buyers close the deal quickly, let you bypass repairs, and spark renewed interest in the home for some other purpose. Listing with a real-estate agent on the other hand, can be time-consuming, involve a lot of work, and often is a stressful process. New Again Houses® wants to take the burden of your home off your shoulders! We’ll buy your house and restore it so that a new owner can fall in love with it again. 

We buy houses and transform them into fully remodeled homes.

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