Interested in gaining some insight into what it’s like to buy and sell homes in Charlotte, NC? We sat down with Chance and Mechael Lewis, Charlotte New Again Houses® franchise owners, to get their unique take on buying and selling homes in Charlotte and surrounding areas. 

Meet our Charlotte, North Carolina experts:

With a 25-year background in education, Chance's passion for continuous learning blended seamlessly with his enthusiasm for real estate, a journey that began with his first property purchase at 21. Today, he spearheads the business facets of the franchise, particularly property procurement and financial management. In between scouting properties, Chance enjoys cycling, reading, and traveling. He firmly believes in providing swift solutions for sellers and crafting dream homes that align with buyers' budgets.

Mechael, with two decades in healthcare, exudes warmth and has an undeniable flair for crafts. Her innate creativity and sharp eye for design make her indispensable, overseeing the aesthetic transformation of properties and managing construction materials. Beyond revamping homes, Mechael's passions include running, traveling to new places, and immersing herself in craft projects.

Together, they're not just business partners but also doting parents to two daughters, Myra and Sydney. Their combined skills and dedication ensure that every home they touch becomes a space of beauty and comfort.

Where we buy & sell homes in the Charlotte area:

Charlotte New Again Houses services the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area. We primarily service Mecklenburg County, Cabarrus County, and Rowan County.

What makes Charlotte special or unique?

Our market is unique because we live in one of the hottest real estate markets in the U.S. Latest data shows that approximately 100 people are moving to the Charlotte area every day, and there is a low inventory of houses. Any time we complete a house, we know we are providing something that will benefit families for years to come.

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Any local trends you're seeing in Charlotte?

Yes, as we mentioned previously, a lot of people are moving to this area. Also, many businesses are setting up headquarters in this area.

How are current market conditions impacting North Carolina?

Low inventory of houses is a market condition impacting our territory. It makes it much tougher to get houses.

How many houses have you purchased in the Charlotte area?

We have currently purchased 10 houses in the local Charlotte market.

City of Charlotte, VA

What’s the one thing you are most proud of?

The one thing we are proud of is how we have been able to not only serve our customers but also we provide jobs to our crew members.

What's the one thing you dislike most about having to sell a house?

The one thing we dislike when we sell a house is that we can't serve everyone with that one house. We usually get multiple offers and families are disappointed because they saw something they loved but were unable to get it.

What's one of the most memorable projects you've worked on and why?

One of our most memorable projects is a current one that we are working. We are transforming a 1BD/1BA 524 sqft property to a two-story 1,150 sqft house. It's memorable because our team has taken the roof off and added an entire 2nd story to the house and people are coming by to see it before we are even finished!

What is your personal guarantee that would make a seller or buyer in Charlotte want to do business with you?

The personal guarantee we make is that you are buying a high-quality home with skilled craftsmanship that has received all the permits and passed all safety standards. That means you will have a property that you can enjoy for years to come! will have a property that you can enjoy for years to come!

Looking to Sell Your Home for Cash in Charlotte, NC?

Choose New Again Houses for a swift and fair offer when selling your home or property. Skip the waits, contingencies, banks, and repair or cleaning hassles. We buy properties in their current condition, offering cash transactions, with the potential to close within just a week. Trust New Again Houses to manage all closing expenses, aid in the probate process, and resolve any challenges that arise during your home or property sale.

New Again Houses was founded in 2008 as a way to transform old houses into new modern homes through a culture of innovation, ownership, and win-win relationships. For homeowners looking to sell their home fast and sell their home for cash in Charlotte and surrounding areas, Charlotte New Again Houses is the perfect place to get started! Contact Chance and Mechael today and sell your house in any condition!

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Chance & Mechael Lewis

Chance and Mechael Lewis are the Owners of the New Again Houses® Charlotte Northeast (NC) location. Chance has been in the education field for over 25 years. His love for lifelong learning and passion for real estate collided when he purchased his first property at the age of 21. Since then he has continued to have an interest in real estate development. Chance oversees all business aspects of the franchise with an emphasis on property acquisition and accounting. When he is not out looking for the next house to flip he is cycling, reading or traveling. Chance notes, "we want to be a solution for sellers who need to sell quickly." Additionally, "we want to be a dream come true for buyers searching for high-quality housing at a price point that works for their budget." Mechael has worked in the healthcare field for over 20 years. She loves people and anything crafty. She is naturally creative and has always had a knack for interior design. Her keen eye for detail makes her perfect for her role in overseeing all interior/exterior design aspects of each property in our portfolio along with construction materials management. When she is not remodeling homes she enjoys, running, traveling and spending time in her craft room. Chance and Mechael have two daughters, Myra and Sydney.