Debating whetheMatt Lavinderr you should continue renting or take the leap and buy a home? Before making your final decision, discover the real reason why buying a home is the best option for you in the long run.

About the Author: Matt Lavinder is the founder of New Again Houses, which develops several properties every month and sells them through its unique Bridge to Own Program.

Some reasons to stop renting are obvious. Leaky roofs. Paint colors. High electric bills. Creepy landlords. There’s a much more important reason to own your home. Most renters can never really afford to retire. If you don’t own your home free and clear at retirement, how are you going to pay rent when you stop working? Are you counting on Social Security being around in 30 years? If not, how are you going to pay your landlord when you retire? Did you know that when you factor in inflation, a $600 rental increases $26/year? That means that $600 rental you are in now will be a $1380 rental when you are ready to retire. If you are renting, you’ll need a quarter of a million dollars in savings just to pay your rent. Or…you could buy your own home now and retire with a $0 payment 30 years from now. And, paint your walls whatever color you want between now and then. New Again House’s unique Bridge to Own program solves the problems keeping renters from becoming homeowners. Call us today: 423-341-9455.