Buyer FAQs

Can I purchase one of your homes without the Bridge to Own®?

Yes. Most of our houses are sold without using the Bridge to Own®. Traditional buyers prefer the quality of our homes and like that they can have input in the remodel.

Do you provide the financing?

No. We connect you with licensed mortgage brokers and banks who can provide low interest, fixed rate, 30 year mortgages. You do not have to use one of our suggested lenders.

Are the prices of the homes inflated?

No. Your lender will conduct an independent appraisal to ensure the market value of the home is equal to or more than the contract price.

Are you a national company?

No. We built the business in Bristol, TN and are now serving the Tri-Cities area and select areas in Virginia.

Do you only do cosmetic improvements to your homes?

No. We start with the systems. On average, our construction company invests over $27,000 on each remodel. Most of that budget is spent on systems you can’t see in pictures.

Can you do a Bridge to Own® if I've had a bankruptcy or foreclosure in the past year?

No. Lenders require at least two years from the bankruptcy/foreclosure. Since the Bridge to Own® is set up for a six month period, you would need to wait. We recommend you work on establishing positive accounts after bankruptcy so your score will be ready after the two years.

If you don’t have a house that fits us right now, will you find one for us?

Absolutely, we do this all the time. Once we understand your situation and are confident we can help, we will actively search for a home that fits your needs.  When we find it and begin construction, you will be at the top of our buyers list.  Many of our buyers enjoy picking out their favorite finishes.

This sounds too good to be true. What is the catch?

We get this one a lot. We buy many of our homes directly from probates and banks. We’ve found there are many buyers who are tired of renting and need a little help to become homeowners. Our business is about matching our fantastic homes with buyers through our unique Bridge to Own Program®. We bring together our professional relationships with credit experts and lenders to solve problems other can’t solve.

I want to Bridge to Own® a home. What do I do?

The next step is to help us understand your unique situation. Click on the “Take the Next Step” button to give us initial information. We’ll then set up a meeting with you to get more information and consult with our credit partners on how quickly we can improve your score.

Is this a rent to own?

No. It’s our opinion that typical rent to owns set buyers up for failure because they don’t create a path for securing a fixed rate mortgage and the houses aren’t in condition to qualify for a mortgage. We screen heavily to make sure we have a strategy for buyers to secure a fixed, low interest rate mortgage on completely remodeled houses that will pass inspections and appraisals.

Is this owner financing?

No. We don’t offer owner financing. We create a bridge for you to get 30 year fixed, low interest rate mortgages from licensed mortgage lenders. Owner financing is typically short term with high interest rates. We want you to have the most affordable mortgage payments available on the market, so we help connect you with our network of licensed mortgage partners.

Do you offer properties as traditional rentals?

While we have a few rental properties and a townhouse building, our focus is on transforming houses into extraordinary homes that people can purchase rather than rent. The vast majority of our houses are under contract before we finish construction.

Are you real estate agents?

While we work with agents, we buy, rehab, and sell only our own properties.

How are you able to offer such nice houses at below market prices?

We have built a really strong team of contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and partners that add a lot of value to the process.

How do you set your home prices and payments?

Our prices are set just below comparable houses sold on the market. National websites that value homes in smaller markets like ours are not accurate, so we have to search for homes in similar condition, location, and size that have sold recently. During the mortgage process, the lender will order an independent appraisal to make sure the home is worth the sales price. It’s not unusual for appraisals to come in $10,000 or more over the sales price on our homes. We set the Bridge to Own® payments at what we expect your mortgage, taxes, and insurance to be when you get a mortgage.

Are there any out of pocket costs when we get the mortgage?

We try to set up the process so it’s a smooth transition between Bridge to Own® and owning. Therefore, we try our best to structure the deal so that you have no out of pocket expenses for closing costs. If, in the rare situations where there are additional costs, the licensed lender discusses that at the beginning of the process so there are no surprises.

What happens if I can't get a mortgage within the six month time frame?

We screen heavily to make sure you can. If the process is delayed, we extend the time so that you can purchase the house. As long as buyers are following the program, we stick with them. We have several buyers who have run into unexpected delays that you are welcome to speak to. Exceptions to this are when buyers make decisions that undermine the process. These include quitting a job without letting us know, divorce, taking out new loans, not following through with the credit process, late payments that damage credit, and damaging the home.

Seller FAQs

What kind of houses do you purchase?

We purchase houses of all shapes, sizes, and prices. Every house has a story and we are really good at finding solutions to real estate problems.

Will you offer appraised value for my house?

No. We purchase houses at wholesale value, put quite a bit of money into them, and sell them at or below retail value through our Bridge to Own Program®. If your house is in excellent condition and you have time for it to sell, we recommend you list with an agent on the market to get full retail value.

My house is listed with a realtor. Will you buy it directly from me?

We respect hard working real estate agents as the professionals they are. It would be ethically wrong to go around an agent. If your house is listed with a real estate agent, respect your contract with them. If it doesn’t sell during the contracted term, you can then call us. But, if your house hasn’t sold on the market, it’s probably not the agent’s fault. The asking price is probably just too high.