Frequently Asked Questions Our Team

New Again Houses transforms houses into fantastic modern homes and provides a bridge for real people to own them.  We solve many real estate problems the traditional real estate market is unable to solve by executing creative solutions for both buyers and sellers.  We succeed by partnering with the best people in their fields to deliver tremendous quality to our clients.


We Buy Homes

New Again Houses buys houses in all conditions, sizes, and locations.  We can pay cash, take over payments, or negotiate a payoff directly with the bank if you owe more than your house is worth.


We Sell Homes

We sell our completely remodeled homes traditionally and through our unique Six Month Bridge to Own program.


We Repair Credit

Many people fall short of lenders’ credit score requirements. Our Bridge to Own program pays for credit restoration while you lease to own. Once your score is up to the minimum, you secure a mortgage and buy the house.