The New Again Houses® Method

At New Again Houses® we have built reliable systems and strategies that guide us through everything from analyzing leads to creating budgets. When you build alongside New Again Houses® as a franchisee, you will have access to all the systems we have been building since 2008.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation system is designed to bring leads from motivated sellers by leveraging our branding and online credibility so you are positioned as a trusted local buyer.


With our proprietary analysis software, you will be given tools for analysis that eliminate guesswork, guiding you through the process from start to finish.

Simplify Construction

The software system helps you to establish the project budget during the analysis of a property, allowing you to add real value to every home you build.


You will be able to leverage the New Again Houses® brand credibility to access capital and work with third party financing to develop customized options that fit your specific financing needs.


With the online platform we have developed, the New Again Houses® brand creates value and opportunities when selling houses.

Packaged Support Systems

We will provide you with customized systems we have developed since 2008. You will also have access to expertise from our professional partners, ensuring you have trustworthy information from some of the best in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve designed the franchise model so you do not have to quit your job. We understand the risk and cash flow issues involved in starting a new business and we’ve built the model to minimize those risks. You can build a significant business while keeping your job. The entire system is designed to allow one person to scale the business with minimal overhead costs.

The initial franchise fee for a full franchise is $15,000.  It is our intention to keep the barrier to entry low in order to attract top quality franchisees.

All franchise territories will be protected and exclusive. This means no other New Again Houses® franchise can operate within your protected territory.  A typical franchise territory consists of a population of approximately 175,000. Franchisees may purchase adjacent territories.

We do not expect franchisees to have any knowledge of remodeling or construction. Construction is an important component and we have built excellent systems you can use to manage the remodels. The franchise is designed to be a scalable business, not a contracting job.

Since 2008, we’ve been building extraordinary analysis systems. Franchisees will have access to all the proprietary analysis and construction systems we’ve developed and tested in the real world of real estate investing.

New Again Houses® has been building a strong digital footprint by generating thousands of visits to its website and social media pages for years. Franchise locations will get their own website that piggybacks on top of the home site, allowing franchises to maximize digital advertising strategies and generating quality leads directly from motivated sellers. Franchisees will also have access to all the marketing materials, methods, and strategies New Again Houses® has been building since 2008.

Yes, you can own a franchise with a partner. All partners would need to be approved.

Franchisees will take part in a week long training program at our headquarters in Bristol TN. At training, you will learn to utlize all our systems. We will also customize a strategy to fit your particular territory and goals.

New Again Houses® was built in Bristol, TN with a surrounding population of approximately 150,000 from 2008, the lowest level of the last housing cycle. You do not need to be located in a large city and there are certain advantages to operating in more rural areas.