New Again Houses® has come to your area

We are looking for long-term Partners to be part of our growth. Our corporate location in Northeast TN fully remodels and sells several houses each month and we hope to replicate that success here. This is a unique opportunity to grow or expand your business.

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What New Again Houses® Offers to our Construction Partners

  • A Consistent and Steady Stream of Projects
  • Cost Plus Payments
  • No Bidding or Change Orders
  • Vacant Houses with No Homeowners
  • We Handle All Materials Payments and the Initial Materials Order
  • Clear Initial Takeoffs that Minimize Changes

Reasons Why We Use A Cost Plus System

  • The bidding process is slow and can waste too much time.
  • There are always surprises in residential rehab, and we accept that – we want to spend our time solving problems rather than arguing about who is going to pay for them.
  • We want our Construction Partners focusing all their energy and talent on producing construction in the most efficient way possible.
  • We don’t want our partners to hide problems because they are afraid they won’t get paid to fix them.
  • If you have the right Construction Partner, cost plus works more efficiently for everyone involved.
  • If you have the wrong Construction Partner, you lose no matter whether you use a traditional bid/change order system or cost plus.

Keys to a Successful Project for New Again Houses® and the Contractor

  • Make as Close to 100% of the Functional and Design Decisions Before Starting the Project
  • Once a Plan is Set, Don’t Make Changes
  • Get as Many of the Materials as Possible to the Job Site Before Construction Begins
  • Keep the Crews on the Job Site by Minimizing the Materials Runs

Steady Jobs.

Vacant Houses.

Consistent Work.

No bidding.

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