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Born in Bristol, TN in 2008, New Again Houses entered the house flipping scene – and in 2019 the first franchise was born. Since then, millions of dollars have gone into restoring homes and communities for new families to enjoy for years to come. Our house flipping franchise focuses on the transformation of old houses to excellent condition family homes that are built to last. Does this sound like your next adventure?

We’ve built innovative systems and software to help you achieve your business’s full potential. It’s up to you to take ownership of your business and bring your creativity and craftsmanship. You’ll never be alone in this business, and we’ve developed a full range of support systems to guide you in making the best possible decisions in all avenues of your business. Our New Again Ecosystem™ is made up of many different partners throughout our franchise network who can provide specialized insight in their field of expertise.

“When you win, we win.” This is our philosophy that we’ve found to be the key to long term success. It’s why we’ve spent years building out our software, Mastersuite Technology™, our ecosystem comprised of a large network of partners across the continent, and extensive training in every aspect of the business. We’re always building more, and we invite you to join us as we work to build something bigger than ourselves.

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Our Path to Ownership is a program that will teach you about who we are, what we do, and if a New Again Franchise is the right fit for you.

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If you have gone through Path to Ownership and a New Again Franchise is your right opportunity, we can move forward with awarding you your franchise!

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Take Advantage of our Proprietary Systems & Software

Mastersuite Technology™ is our proprietary software that we have spent years developing. We are dedicated to continual innovation and growth within the platform.

MasterSuite functions give you the capability to quickly and efficiently develop ARV’s, project management, and much more. This software allows you to go beyond the mom-and-pop house flipping model to a successful franchise!

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Interactive training experience.

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Hyperlocal marketing system.

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Experts, partners, and coaches to help you along the way.

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Partnership, tools, and support.

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From Professor to House Flipping Franchise

Have you thought about making a big career shift? Our Founder, Matt Lavinder, shares how he went from a college professor to a house flipping franchise success story. He also shares with us the difference between being results-oriented and process-oriented.

Innovation. Ownership. Win-win Relationships.

A Note from Matt Lavinder

New Again Houses started in 2008 with a vision to build an innovative business around turning old houses into great homes. We’ve grown a lot since then, but our commitment to quality and innovation hasn’t changed. We’re excited to expand the original vision through a franchise network that allows us to partner with entrepreneurs around the country. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you.

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