New Again Houses® has come to your county and we are looking for long-term Construction Partners to be a part of our growth. Our corporate location in Northeast TN fully remodels several houses each month and we hope to replicate that success here. This is a unique opportunity for you to grow or expand your contracting business without dealing with the common hassles of remodeling.


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What New Again Houses® Offers to our Construction Partners


  • A Consistent and Steady Stream of Projects
  • Cost Plus Payments
  • No Bidding or Change Orders
  • Vacant Houses with No Homeowners
  • We Handle All Materials Payments and the Initial Materials Order
  • Clear Initial Takeoffs that Minimize Changes

Our success depends upon setting up our Construction Partners for success. We partner with quality people who we trust to execute a quality, efficient rehab. We are only successful if our partners are successful, so we have designed a system that creates mutually beneficial partnerships.


construction partners

Reasons We Use a Cost Plus System


  • The bidding process is slow and can waste too much time.
  • There are always surprises in residential rehab, and we accept that – we want to spend our time solving problems rather than arguing about who is going to pay for them.
  • We want our Construction Partners focusing all their energy and talent on producing construction in the most efficient way possible.
  • We don’t want our partners to hide problems because they are afraid they won’t get paid to fix them.
  • If you have the right Construction Partner, cost plus works more efficiently for everyone involved.
  • If you have the wrong Construction Partner, you lose no matter whether you use a traditional bid/change order system or cost plus.


Keys to a Successful Project for New Again Houses®  and the Contractor


  • Make as Close to 100% of the Functional and Design Decisions Before Starting the Project
  • Once a Plan is Set, Don’t Make Changes
  • Get as Many of the Materials as Possible to the Job Site Before Construction Begins
  • Keep the Crews on the Job Site by Minimizing the Materials Runs

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