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Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Lexington KY

Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Lexington

Lexington is a beautiful place to live and work, there is no doubt about that. There are 38 equally amazing neighborhoods within the Lexington-Fayette area. Some of these communities are already overpopulated and may cost you more if you move here. But there are some areas where houses are still affordable and give buyers a chance to earn a profit if they decide to sell it later on.

Here are our top picks for the best up and coming neighborhoods in Lexington.



If you’re looking for a picturesque neighborhood with affordable homes, consider moving to Kenwick. There are many historic Victorian houses and 20th century bungalows as well. But the real catch is the less expensive yet quality homes that have easy access to world-class facilities and a beautiful garden.

Kenwick is a walkable community. Anything you want is just a stone’s throw away from your house. Just go outside, take a stroll for five minutes, and you can find whatever it is that you’re looking for.

Median List Price: $238,500

Median Days in the Market: 59

Median Price per sq. ft: $187


Fair-Way Liberty Heights

Fair-Way Liberty Heights is a desirable neighborhood primarily because of its proximity to many shops, restaurants, bars, and other entertainment options. At the same time, the community offers a wide range of housing opportunities for lower prices. These factors make acquiring a property here a profitable investment.

The area provides home-life balance as there is a lot of things to see and do almost any time of the day and night. Despite being close to entertainment establishments, the neighborhood is relatively safe even in the wee hours. Fair-Way Liberty Heights has a good mix of old and new houses, which adds variation and color to the area.

Median List Price: $223,000

Median Days in the Market: 56

Median Price per sq. ft: $168


Southland Corridor

There are many old houses in the community of Southland Corridor built during the 1950s and 60s. Most of these houses have less than 2,000 square feet lot areas, which offer a great place to raise a family. The large backyard can be turned into a garden or a small playground for kids.

Residents in Southland Corridor has access to a community pool and various shops and restaurants at Southland Drive Farmers’ Market. The place is also close to several business establishments, which makes it ideal for young professionals as well.

Median List Price: $224,950

Median Days in the Market: No Data

Median Price per sq. ft: $155



Another perfect community to start a family is Brookhaven-Lansdowne. The neighborhood is near the downtown area, which is considered as the heart of the city. The downtown is a hotspot for many cultural and entertainment events in Lexington. There is a plethora of shopping and dining options available for everyone!

In terms of real estate, most homes are large enough for big families. When it comes to home prices, Brookhaven-Lansdowne isn’t the cheapest. But considering how near it is from downtown, it’s a great trade-off. The community has a very low crime rate and many top-notch schools within it and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Median Home Value: $254,220

Median Days in the Market: No Data

Median Price per sq. ft: $162


Chevy Chase and Ashland Park

This community isn’t the place to find affordable homes, but because it’s one of the most desired areas in Lexington, it deserves a spot on this list. Chevy Chase and Ashland Park have lots of historical charm and beautiful streets, and is a host to many social events like concerts and outdoor garden parties. It’s near the downtown district and the University of Kentucky, making it an ideal neighborhood for students and professionals.

Median Listing Price: $525,000

Median Days in the Market: No Data

Median Price per sq. ft: $225