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5 Tips You Should Know if You’re Relocating to Charlotte, NC

Relocating to Charlotte NC? Here’s 5 Things You Should Know

There are so many reasons why many people love to move to Charlotte NC. Some of these reasons include having a fresh start, landing a new job, experiencing milder weather, savoring local cuisines, and enjoying a company of new friends. Whatever your reason is for moving to this beautiful city, these five tips that you should know if you’re relocating to Charlotte NC, can be very helpful.

Tour the Community

Of course, you must have an idea of what it’s like living in this city. Charlotte is a big city yet still exudes a small-town feel. Once you live here, you will sense how caring and genuine the people are. The residents are working together to preserve the city’s beauty for generations to come.

Since Charlotte is a big city, you can expect to meet a lot of new friends. The city has an efficient public transport which makes traveling very easy. Getting a car is not a necessity. Sharing spaces in public vehicles is an opportunity to meet new friends. If you’re looking for a fresh start, this city is a great place to do that.

Keep Smiling

There must be something in the water in Charlotte because the people here are so friendly. Every time you see them, you will notice that they have the energy and the positive vibe that radiates from them. This wonderful spirit is another source of pride in people who live here. Don’t be surprised if you will receive goodies as a welcome gift from your new neighbors.

If you want to be surrounded by people with a positive outlook, you can never go wrong living in Charlotte. Its closely-knit community is one factor why Charlotte always ranks high in the most livable cities in the country.

Looking for Jobs?

Finding a job in Charlotte is easier than in other cities. There are so many job opportunities here. The industries where the employment rate is more successful include construction, manufacturing, financial and insurance services, wholesale and retail, public administration, transportation, and education sector. If your profession fits these industries, look for a new job before moving. You’ll have more chances of finding work here because there is a significant number of top companies headquartered in this city. Some startups have the potential to grow big in the future.

Know the Real Estate Market

Maybe it will surprise you to know that houses for sale in Charlotte, NC, is not as pricey as other big cities. The median home price is $178,000, which is 4% lower than the national average. Meanwhile, the value of the average household income is $55,599. To get the home affordability ratio, the average home price is divided by the median home income. The result gives us 3.2, which is 2% lower than the national home affordability ratio. The main reason why owning a property is more affordable here is because there are more vacant lots where new houses can be built. Homebuilders take the opportunity to buy the land and construct new, quality homes. Charlotte, NC real estate offers a wide range of homes, from mansions to small condos to flipped homes

Prepare for a Milder Weather

If you’re coming from an area where winter forces you to stay inside your house for six months, moving to Charlotte is a sweet scape. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss your skiing and other winter sports. You can still enjoy skiing on the slopes of Blowing Rock and Banner Elk, which are not too far from the city. If you’re more of a beach bummer, Lake Norman is one of the most popular spots near Charlotte, where you can swim and enjoy the sun.

Charlotte has all four seasons, but the winter and summer and noticeable milder than other cities. It only snows like one to two times in a year, and during these times, the weather is permissible for you to drive around and enjoy the outdoors. In summer, it can be hot at times but nothing like the damp heat of Florida or Texas.

These are the five tips that we think you should before relocating to Charlotte NC. It’s important to know what you can expect from the city so that you can prepare ahead of the moving schedule!