Lexington KY Community Guide

Lexington KY Community Guide

Welcome to Lexington, KY!

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Lexington” are its horses. That’s true – Lexington is the Horse Capital of the World. But there is more to Lexington than horses and its breath-taking farmlands.

Lexington is located at the intersection of Interstates 64 and 75 and is a part of Fayette County. The city is accessible to travelers through Blue Grass Airport (LEX), one of the most scenic airports in the United States.

Fayette County has a total land area of 283 square miles of the rolling plateau in the middle of the inner Bluegrass Region. The region is known for its fertile soil which grows grasses, a great source of food for horses and other livestock. Many small creeks are flowing from the mountains and meet at the Kentucky River.


Lexington was founded in 1755. The early settlers under the leadership of William McConnell heard that the first battle of the American Revolution was fought in Lexington, Massachusetts. To commemorate that significant event in history, McConnell’s group called the small town “Lexington”. In the 1820s, Lexington was one of the biggest and wealthiest towns in Kentucky.

At present, the Lexington-Fayette County area is home to 321,951 residents. Aside from its natural beauty, the city’s low crime rate attracts many homebuyers to consider moving here.

Real Estate in Lexington, KY

The Lexington real estate market may not be at the same pace as the national standard, but it is still doing well. There are strong marketing programs in place to support the growth of real estate in the area. Because of this, analysts are convinced that the Lexington real estate market is ready to bounce back soon. Lexington is also considered one of the top cities in the U.S. to flip a home!

In a snapshot, the median listing price of homes for sale in Lexington is $265,000. On average, a single-family home has 3.36 bedrooms, with 2.81 baths. Each home remains active in the listing for an average of 105 days before getting sold.

Dining in Lexington, KY

Lexington is a great place to be a foodie. The city has an amazing variety of dining options, ranging from fast-food chains, hole-in-the-wall eateries, and independent restaurants. The culinary scene exudes a hint of Southern cooking and farm-to-table appeal.

If you think Lexington only offers beer cheese and burgoo, think again. Alfalfa in East Main Street has been delighting both locals and tourists since 1973. The restaurant is famous for using locally-grown ingredients, healthy options, and creative (even weird!) menus. Its best sellers include Hoppin’ John and cabbage salad. They also have meat specials, so carnivores can enjoy dining out here too.

If you’re going on a date, Lockbox is our recommendation for the best place to go. Tucked near some of the gorgeous hotels in the city, Lockbox provides a perfect setting for a romantic dinner. Take some time to visit the museums first before heading to the restaurant. While there, you will discover stunning masterpieces mostly created by local painters.

Craving for some Latin dishes? Chef Jonathan Lundy shows off his culinary chops to give you his mouth-watering signature creations at Corto y Lima. The ambience is relaxing and casual which provides a perfect setting to have a long chat with friends. Try their margarita de casa and papas en la latta pairing. It’s a great combo to feel the Latin vibe of the place.

If you want to experience the best farm-to-table dining concept, reserve a table at Stella’s Kentucky Deli.  Chef Ouita Michel’s latest creation, Honeywood, is the talk-of-the-town because it uses locally-grown produce in making the salad. To excite your senses, try their “Pick Three” dinner special, where you can choose between two entrees and various fresh sides for $20 only.

Things to Do

Lexington is a thriving community with a colorful history and tradition. The city hosts many social events and festivals that draw a crowd from its neighboring communities. Based on visitors’ feedback, here are the top things to do in Lexington:

Kentucky Horse Park

Lexington is not known as the Horse Capital of the World for nothing. Here, you will see different breeds of horses, museums, and shows in an expansive 1,200-acre land.

Horse Farm Tour

See the natural scenery of Lexington farmland while you get introduced to the lavish lifestyle of its most famous residents!

Historic Homes

Get a glimpse of the lives of the city most celebrated residents: Mary Todd Lincoln, Henry Clay, John Hunt Morgan and Joseph Bryan.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

The Shaker community is nestled at the heart of 3,000 farmland and best-known for its 34 fully-restored 19th-century buildings. Shaker Village will take you back in time when life was a complete juxtaposition of grand and simple living.

The Summit at Fritz Farm

Shopping for local products? Take a look at some of the hand-crafted works that show the ingenuity of Lexington artists. From souvenirs to branded clothes and apparel, everything is under one roof!