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Fulton County Community Guide

Fulton County Community Guide

Fulton County encompasses metro Atlanta, the heart of Georgia. Fulton County real estate provides a variety of living options, from Sandy Springs and Roswell’s suburban community in the north, to the eclectic neighborhoods of East Point and College Park in the south. The latest addition of residential and business establishments in the county’s southern part adds color to its amazing vibrancy.

Fulton County real estate is experiencing a revitalization, making it a new prospect for young professionals. The northern part exudes a low-key environment perfect for raising families, surrounded by various business and recreational facilities.

The City of Atlanta houses some of the best cultural and entertainment centers in the entire county. The northern and southern borders are home to various shopping and dining options and parks. On the other hand, the Intown Atlanta houses some of the most prominent tourist attractions, such as CNN Center, Georgia Aquarium, The Fox Theater, Atlanta Botanical Garden, and Atlanta History Center.

Big industries included in Fortune Top 1000 companies contribute to the resurgence of Fulton County. Some of the rip companies which call Fulton County home include The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Airlines, The Southern Company, and SunTrust Bank Inc. The area boasts itself with the highest number of Fortune 1000 headquarters, with 22 top companies calling Fulton County their home. Because of this, Atlanta becomes a driving force in the local and national economy.

What to Love

  • Proximity to world-class destinations
  • Premier shopping
  • Gourmet dining
  • Variety of real estate options
  • Vibrant Culture
  • Easy access to business and recreational facilities

Dining and Shopping

Fulton County has so many options for the best dining experience. Both the north and south borders have a smorgasbord for dining spots. The inland communities, especially in the City of Atlanta, are thriving with great restaurants, cafes, and bar to pleasure your gastronomic cravings.

If you binge for Mexican foods but are short on budget, check out El Rey del Taco at 5288 Buford Hwy, Atlanta. This family restaurant offers quality Latino dishes. The restaurant fits the description of “hole-in-a-wall,” yet the service and food will not fail you. It’s known for its tostadas, burritos, and of course, tacos.

Food tasting foods can also be healthy. Slutty Vegan at 1542 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd in Atlanta offers burgers made of veggie patties. Same tasting burgers, without the greasy and mushy feel. Meanwhile, the South City Kitchen Vining’s at 1675 Cumberland Pkwy St offers Southern, breakfast, and brunch menus. Some of their most popular dishes include Smoky Grilled Pork Chop, Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, and Pan-Fried Chicken Livers.

After dining, perhaps you want to pass the time by visiting some of the most popular shopping centers in Fulton County. One of which is the Paces Ferry Plaza. This complex was renovated two years ago to make way for more spacious shopping and parking spaces. There are many entrances and exits, so there is no problem with overcrowding cars.

If you are in the Atlanta area, don’t miss The Shops near Buckhead Avenue. It has a beautiful layout and an exclusive ambienace. Here, you can find branded clothing and apparel. Get ready to splurge on many high-end shops like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and so much more. There are also mid-range options like Luna and Planet Blue. Another must-visit shopping area is the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center. It’s not just a place to buy clothes, but there is an assortment of stores and coffee shops within the vicinity. All you need, in one spot.

Things to Do

Fulton County is packed with many recreational activities perfect for you and your family. Whether you are looking for a romantic setting or for family time, the community has so many things to offer. Here are some of the places that need to be in your bucket list:

  • Little River Marine Center. Experience the fun and thrill of boat riding in this must-visit tourist destination at Bells Ferry Road. You can also enjoy the food they offer and a fantastic view of Lake Allatoona. Whether you are looking for a place to park your boat, rent a boat, or join a boat club, Little River Marine Center is the best place to be.


  • Trap Music Museum. An excellent place to look back at the detailed life of Trap Music and Trap Houses. Walk and see the furniture, arts, and crafts, including lyric sheets and some interactive fun activities that you will enjoy, whether you are a fan of rap music or not. The line going inside can be long, but they have amazing foods being sold outside, so it makes waiting less cumbersome.


  • StarLight Drive-In Theater and Flea Market. A great place for casual dating or bonding with your family. Bring your food and blanket, and enjoy watching good movies. Forgot bringing in some snacks? Don’t worry; there are some food stalls nearby. You can see many people just chilling on their beds and enjoying the movie. There is a $9 entrance fee for a double feature late-night movie, which is not bad at all.


  • Stone Mountain Park. If you are looking for some outdoor thrill, this one’s for you. It’s a great experience hiking up the quartz stone mountain, especially in the morning. If you don’t like to climb it on foot, there is a sky ride to save you from walking. Going up, you will see the relief sculptures on the mountainside, which are etched from real rocks! There are food stalls in the park that offer quality comfort foods. There is a laser show at 9:30, which is perfect to cap the night off.

Our special mention for top things to do in Fulton County goes to Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, Botanical Garden, Piedmont Park, and the Martin Luther King Jr Center.

Fulton County is a great place to live. There are so many places to see and exciting activities to try, and there are so many reasons to relocate here!