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Featured Flip – 2021

Featured Flip 2021

725 N Spring St, Murfreesboro TN

Earlier this year as we were first talking about this edition of the New Again Houses® Magazine, we came across a gorgeous flip by one of our franchise owners in Murfreesboro, TN and we knew we needed to feature it. Taking old homes and making them beautiful and new again is what we love to do, and we all love when we get the opportunity to flip a gem such as this one! Though we weren’t able to travel to Murfreesboro this time, we were able to chat with owners Ryan and Jessica Decker over Google Meet and talk about one of their favorite flips.

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“The Blue House was my favorite house,” said Jessica Decker, “ the integrity of it, and how we kept the old fireplaces. We had to be creative because those houses don’t have closets or you don’t want to have to walk through one bedroom to get to another bedroom. We really wanted to keep the integrity of it, but we needed to make it functional for modern day.”

“That house was built in 1906,” added Ryan Decker. “What we really liked about it was that it had a lot of character, and it was walking distance from downtown Murfreesboro, just 2 blocks over. Nobody wanted it. It fell through with a wholesaler, and three different people walked away from it. So we got it for a lot cheaper than what they initially wanted for it.” 

The house sits in the Murfreesboro historic district, where many of the surrounding houses were also built in the very early 1900s. Some of the homes are registered historic homes. “This one was not,” Ryan noted, “but it does have a lot of the characteristics of an older home such as the crystal doorknobs, the fancy tiles, and 10 foot ceilings.” 

“I ended up purchasing the blue house for $150,000,” Ryan said. “They wanted initially $185,000. When I first did the numbers, the ARV was $300,000. At $182,000 it didn’t work because it needed about too much work. I kept an eye on it, and the wholesaler called me later and let me know it had fallen through. We ended up making a lowball offer and got it. We thought we would sell it for $280,000, and we did go a little over budget because we put a fence in. We listed it for $319,000, and we sold it for $335,000. We probably had 35-40 showings over two days, and multiple offers, and it was one of the fastest homes we sold.”

Originally, the home was painted white. “One day we were driving down the road in our neighborhood,” Jessica recalled, “and Ryan slams on the brakes and says, ‘That’s it.’ And there was this house that was painted this beautiful blue color, and he said, ‘your job is to figure out what color that house is.’ I thought, ‘Good luck!’ I did go up to the house and knocked on the door, but no one answered, so I ended up going to Sherwin Williams and spending forever digging for the perfect match, and it ended up being amazing. It really made it stand out in the neighborhood. And someone just down the road painted their house blue too!”

When it comes to staging houses, our Nashville franchise owners don’t mess around. “Cari Cheetwood (New Again Houses® Hendersonville) & I share two storage units together,” Jessica said. “We love a good deal, and we’re always looking on Facebook Marketplace. We really like a good challenge of finding a good deal and transforming it. We honestly have probably spray painted every piece of furniture we have seven times. We work together and use each other’s stuff. But when it comes to staging, we think ‘what would you want in there? What would be functional?’ 

Staging creates an emotional attachment and helps people know how to live in the house.  “Believe it or not, the piece that makes the biggest difference in staging is books. I love a good old book that you can stack and put lamps on, or candles on, or fake greenery.”

“My take on staging is pretty simple,” Ryan adds, “It’s a pain in the butt. It’s work. But to stage a house the size that we’re doing takes a day, and in the moment it’s hard to quantify what you’re making, but you might sell that house for $20,000 more just because it’s staged. Is it worth it just to go in for a day and do it? Yes.” 

Be on the lookout for more of our featured flips on our New Again Houses® social media!