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Sell Your House

4 Things You Can Do With an Inherited Property

4 Things You Can Do with an Inherited Property Typically, one receives an inherited home from a deceased relative. Inherited homes can be a great opportunity for the inheritor, but sometimes the home can also pose a problem. Many inherited homes have not been taken

The Best Time of the Year to Sell Your Home

The Best Time of the Year to Sell Your Home   The best time of the year to sell your home depends on the location of the property. It is a common knowledge among homeowners that the fastest time of the year to sell a

5 Tips for Selling a Run-Down Property

5 Tips for Selling a Run-Down Property Selling a run down property can be a difficult task, especially when compared to the homes on HGTV. In reality TV, it insists to the public that an ideal home needs to be in a perfect location with
home isn't selling

Options to Consider if Your Home Isn’t Selling 

Home Isn’t Selling? Here are Some Options to Consider.   What should you do if your home isn't selling on the traditional market? One of the most discouraging feelings for home sellers is seeing their property sitting on the market for a long time. To add insult

When Should I Clean My Gutters?

Why Should I Clean My Gutters Before the Winter Comes?   Keeping your gutters clean is the most important step to avoiding unnecessary water damage to your home! Full gutters are, most often, the culprit for causing water damage to homes that we look at.

Real Estate Definitions

Real Estate Definitions When involved in real estate transactions it can sometimes feel like people are speaking a different language. Here are some definitions of key terms to help you! PMI – Private mortgage insurance is what borrowers have to pay when they take out a

sell a house in probate

How to Sell A House In Probate

How Do You Sell A House In Probate?   A relative of yours has passed away, and they owned a house. You or someone you know has inherited that house. However, you do not want the house. Now you need to sell a house in

stop foreclosure

3 Ways you Can Stop Foreclosure

3 Ways You Can Stop Foreclosure There is nothing worse than the feeling you get when your mortgage payment is due, and you can’t pay. If you don't pay your mortgage, you risk foreclosure on your home. It happens to many more people than you'd

How to Sell a Home with a Lien

How to Sell a Home with a Lien on it If you're trying to sell your home but it has a lien on it, here is what you should do:   If you’ve ever sold a home, you know how lengthy and stressful the process