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Best Neighborhoods in Walking Distance from a Park in Fredericksburg

Best Neighborhoods in Walking Distance from a Park in Fredericksburg

According to the Fredericksburg Parks, Recreation and Events Department’s Park Maintenance Division, there are more than 1,200 acres of lush spaces in Fredericksburg, VA. This includes government-owned facilities like Dixon Park Pool, sports fields, and City Parks. Most of these parks are under great care, so many tourists and residents can enjoy the outdoor spaces near the city. In addition, park beautification also covers the 18 miles city walkways, like the Canal Path, which makes walking, running, and hiking a pleasurable experience.


If you love parks, having a house nearby is a great option. To give you an idea, here are the best neighborhoods in walking distance from a park in Fredericksburg, VA:


Colonial Village at Greenbrier Drive

Colonial Village at Greenbrier Drive is a pet-friendly community that offers a sanctuary of peace from the hustle and bustle of the city. The neighborhood has homes characterized by spacious floor plans and high-tech amenities. Some facilities available for its residents include a turquoise-colored pool, picnic areas, and a fitness gym, which is open 24/7. Kids will love it here because there is a large playground for them, complete with slides and swings. Colonial Village is a walking distance from Alum Spring Park.


Sophia Street

Sophia Street is rich in history. Many buildings and houses will take you back in memory lane.  There are so many things to see, which will remind you of the good and bad things that happen to Fredericksburg. Today, the community welcomes tourists who want to relive its rich history. The Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts is doing its best effort to preserve the buildings and houses that reflect the colorful (and sorrowful) events. Sophia Street is a walking distance to the City Dock.


Mayfield Subdivision

If you live in Mayfield Subdivision, then you are a walking distance to Dixon Park. Dixon Park has an outdoor facility that covers 46 acres of land. It has athletic fields, swimming pool, playground for kids, 1.5 miles trails, and nature preserve areas. The trail is a paved path perfect for walking/jogging. The park holds a Farmer’s Market on weekends and during holidays.


Kenmore Avenue

If you have fur babies, Kenmore Avenue is the perfect spot for you. The place is in walking distance from Fredericksburg Dog Park. The park is a self-monitored, special fenced-area where dogs four months and older can play. A tall fence surrounds the off-leash area. Water is available to pets only. There is a parking area nearby.


William Street

William Street is a walking distance away from Hurkamp Park. Many amenities in Hurkamp Park exude its rich history, including fountains, brick sidewalks, benches, and streetlights. The park has a wide-open space for picnics. Fredericksburg Farmers Market is here, which happens every Saturday, from 7 am- 2 pm, all-year-round. Hurkamp Park is open to the public from 5 am-10 pm.